PARCO 1923 Mild Body Wash 500 ml

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The ingredients and fragrance notes that make up Parco 1923 products are the heritage of the far-reaching Abruzzo National Forest and the energy of nature full of life for your body and soul. The composition of the cleanser, created according to a traditional pharmacist’s recipe, nourishes and soothes the skin of the body. The pleasant aroma and silky texture of the cleanser enrich the daily body care ritual with valuable ingredients and relaxing properties. The beech and juniper extracts in the body wash gently cleanse the skin and pores. St. John’s wort, honeysuckle and water mint extract relax tired muscles. This combination helps to reduce blood flow and tone the skin by regulating the pH balance. The bright and relaxing aroma of the cleanser will not let you forget the tale of the deep forest until your next walk.


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